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About Us
DeLiteful Foods is a unique specialty food store located in central New Jersey, near Princeton.  The store has been in existence for about 5 years and recently changed ownership in April, 2011.  Under the direction of the new owners, Mark and Anne Pepper, Deliteful Foods continues to offer the same large variety of great tasting food products that meets the nutritional needs of people with a variety of dietary restrictions.  With the move and reopening of the store in early August, many new and exciting changes have been made that all of our loyal returning and new customers will find most appealing.  

We will continue to cater to both children and adults with celiac disease and gluten intolerance, various other common food allergies (dairy, nut, soy, yeast, casein, etc), diabetes and those individuals who choose/need to limit their caloric/carb intake (hello weight watchers and all other dieters!).  In fact we offer over 1,500 delicious and nutritious foods that fit the dietary needs of most anyone with some sort of dietary restriction.  Included in that total are more than 800 gluten-free products from around the world which is the largest selection of gluten-free products in one place in the state of New Jersey.  So, when you see or hear Deliteful Foods you should immediately associate the name with our main areas of expertise:

Gluten Free -  Low Carb - Low Cal - Allergen Free 

We also offer a large variety of Kosher, Organic, and Vegetarian products.

As we like to say at Deliteful Foods: "If you can't eat it, we have what you can eat!"
 and "While we don't make the diets, we can help you make them work!" 

One thing we often tell our customers is that, “What is healthy for you, may not
work for me.” We are not a health food store in the way that most people think of
health food stores. We do not sell anything except specialty food -- no supplements, 
no health & beauty aids, no protein shakes, etc. 

When you come to the new store, the first thing all of our new and returning loyal customers will notice is the distinct physical changes we have made in comparison to the old store.  Our goal was to design the new store to fit the purpose and market niche of the store - catering to individuals with medical conditions, allergies and dietary restrictions.  The first thing you will notice in the new store is a decor which is  modern, clean, and bright, and a layout that is well organized, inviting and comfortable.  Most importantly we continue to have a friendly, knowledgeable and very capable staff who will help you find exactly what products are most suited to your particular dietary needs, especially in conjunction with your personal medical professional's guidance.  Samples for tasting will still be available but we will feature fewer items on a continuing basis so that we can assure that the samples you like to try will remain fresh and at the peak of their flavor.   We will continue to encourage everyone to come and try new foods and check out all of the new products we will be offering regularly. 

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Yah, yummy fat free food! 5 star Rating-world class... Amazing place! They have everything that is either low fat, low cal, sugar free, just simply perfect! I love their cheesecakes!
- Bhumi S.
We understand and can help you get on your way to healthier diet choices. 
Every time I come here, I find some amazing new product!"
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